Wedding DressesWe know that for wedding dresses only the very best in care and attention to detail will suffice. The lace, beading, sequins and silk need the kind of professional servicing that we can provide.

It’s true that sometimes wedding dresses don’t survive your big day unscathed, whether it’s fake tan around the bodice, lipstick or red wine spills, or maybe a little dirt around the hem.

Bring your dress into our store and we will provide an assessment of what work is required to restore it to it’s full glory, along with advice on how best to store it.

Once cleaned, the dress can be presented to you either boxed (wrapped in tissue paper) or in a wedding bag.

We also take equally good care or other delicate items – like ball gowns and dinner suits. See more

Please note, wedding dresses must be brought to our main store directly.